Confusing words in the English language

Confusing words in the English language

It’s time to finally distinguish between them!

«Wear» is used when we talk about clothes or jewellery.
«Carry» is used to talk about accessories or, for example, a baby.

E.g. She is wearing a coat and Carry a bag.

*Both are translated as «носити»

«Lend» means ‘to give something to someone for a short time, expecting that you will get it back’.
«Borrow» means ‘to get something from someone, intending to give it back after a short time’.

E.g. If you need to Borrow some money, I can lend you $50.

*Both are translated as «позичити».

«Pass» means ‘to be successful in an exam, course, test.
«Take» is ‘to write your exam trying to pass it’.

E.g. I took my English exam last week and passed it!

*Both are translated as «складати».

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